Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Surfin' Rib

"Celebrate the small to win big!"

One of my favorite movies is "The Devil Wears Prada".  I can watch it again and feel the same way like how I watched it the first time. I admire Andy's dedication to her work. The story on how she started with lots of ideals is very common to us. I like her transformation and how she adopted to her environment eventually. Talking about inspiration, I think this is a good one. Sometimes its not about us but the business as a whole.

If Miranda Priestly is my boss, will I survive? Or am I a-Miranda-Priestley-kind-of-boss? A gesture of her brow, reminds people under her that "you sign up for this, now deliver!"

or are you another Emily?

We may have different level of motivation.  I sometimes deliver at best when pressure is high. Yes it can be difficult but the fruit of success is sweeter. But with the nature of my job where stress is a given factor, its best to maintain a fun environment.

Just like what I've learned in my management class, celebrate the small to win big.  This year, I like to focus on the positive side of the team. I like to bank on those successes even if they are small. Celebrating small successes encourages people to do better. Who doesn't want to be part of a successful team? Thus, achieve the bigger goal.

On another story our dance team may not have bagged the first prize but hey, kudos to their good performance.  The time they spent and the effort they gave was worth celebrating.

No waves to surf in the city but there's Surfin' Ribs to check and dine.

Surfin' Ribs is located the block after The Golden Peak Hotel along Escario St.

They open at 11AM.

Our shift ends at 9:30AM. We were too early but it was worth the wait.  For starters, I had the baked penne. Yes it was served hot just like what it said from the menu.  It was very chessy which I like!

Then we had the shrimp platter. The sauce was tasty. The garlic blended well with the butter. The shrimp itself, unhm, I didn't taste the sweetness as it claimed. It was just bland, it didn't suck the flavor of the sauce. But overall, it was good!

my friend ordered the Soy-Garlic Chicken wings.  She was generous to spare me a wing. haha I tasted the unique mainland Asian spice.

And for me, of course I had the ribs. After nine months of restraining myself from eating pork, it was a good prize until my next fasting and abstinence cycle.

   and we close the meal with a good dessert.

buuuurp! excuse me!

visit them on Tuesdays for this promo.


  1. Have you read the book "The Devil Wears Prada"?

    1. nope.. hehehe just the movie.. I have a long list og books to read... not fast reader here.. hahaha