Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Adventure in Subic Part II: Zoobic Safari

After lunch we went to Zoobic directly. I felt like a child again afterall I was with my niece and nephews.

This is one of Subic's highlighted activities to do. The fees are below:

Here's the guide.

We started with a family picture and we were asked to do a tiger pose/look. The first stop was the Bird Walk

The owl is cute and it reminds me of Harry Potter (yes Hedwig was snow white with black accents). But this owl is no ordinary. It can give you its fiercest pose and charge you 50 pesos per picture. We dont get to see owl everyday so we paid. 

I saw a Philippine Myna, the talking bird.  I did not take a picture because of its foul mouth. when I went near to its cage, it pronounced panget! (it means ugly).  So I left it and went to these cute birds.

The feeds cost 10 pesos. Reminds me of Cinderella story. Remember there were birds who made/attached the ribbon to her gown? And there were a lot more.

Next were glass cages full of snakes. Then my mind started to wander. Just like Harry Potter part I. That's when Harry learn parsel tongue and the glass wall disappeared and scared his cousin. What if it will happen, scared, I hurriedly went out that's why I don't have photos. haha 

Then we went to the Animals in our ABC's.  Behind me was C for Camel... D for Deer...

They don't have E for elephant. What's an animal that starts with F? I didn't see G for giraffe but there's G for goat.

Yes you may feed them a bottle of milk for 50 pesos. I asked the care taker, why they are feeding these kids with cow's milk in a cartoon, shouldn't it be a goat's milk?  The care taker just gave me s smirk.  He must be tired.  The I realized my question was irrelevant.  We drink cow's milk too, so it doesn't matter I guess. haha

My heart goes to this lonely lion.  You can see from its eyes that its suffering. Strip off from its pride (idiomatically and literally). Its roar tells all other animals, its the king and in power. but it's not showing in this pic.

We took a tram to the Tiger Safari Ride

We were all excited. The tiger can get wild and get our jeepney down.


But I don't have much story to tell. The tigers were all tame. Maybe they are not that hungry anymore.  They have been feed with chicken for 300 a bucket per family.

Then we took the tram again to the Savannah.

The ostrich can run as fast as the tram and we don't know what else it can do. Good thing it just passed by.

and more deer and sheep...

The last stop before the tram gets us back to the main lobby for souvenirs was the croco loco. 

They were crazy to look at but most of them were asleep.

This one may have its eyes open but it was moving at all.

This is one of the better zoos in the country. But I rate it 3 out of 5.  I've been to the Singapore zoo and has seen better. Perhaps I expected too much especially the Tiger Encounter.


  1. "when I went near to its cage, it pronounced panget! (it means ugly). So I left it and went to these cute birds." - hahaha Ronchie! Na hurt imong feelings? :D

    1. oh yeah! hehehe no time for scum bags! hahha asta langam kay gi initan!