Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Happy Day At Country Basket

Choose your battle.

I went to work with a happy mood today. Odd but I like the feeling. Perhaps I just had a good sleep. Lesser things bugged my mind on my way. A rare situation but I kind of hoping it would be like that often.  I just listened to the music played by the taxi. A smile painted my face, really rare. I felt light. It must be the good cold weather.

After I got my quick caffeine fix, to add to my delight, I saw my new crush. drool. The blue shirt looks good on you.  Now wider smile this time, from-ear-to-ear.

My team greeted me and they even noticed my happy tone. Today was just really different.  

My PC was up, I was scanning through my e-mail. The first e-mail I opened was full of rant. I made a choice, for a quick second I told myself, this is not my battle.  So I hit the reply button and just said "thank you for all your assistance." After all, I got what I requested. So I let it go. It was not my battle to take.

The rest of the day went smoothly. If I had chosen to pick that fight I guess things would turn out differently.

Since I was good today in the office, I thought I deserve a treat. What else? Some good dessert.  I first heard it from a friend, she gave me a pack of cookies to taste. I like the tint of dark chocolate so I thought I would pay them a visit.

Located in Lahug, just accross JY center. I really thought it was just an ordinary to-go bake shop. I was surprise to see their store.

It was small but very neat.  My friends and I enjoyed taking photos with their fine arts.

Every corner was just a happy place.

The colors were bright, it compliments with how I felt.

The moment I opened the door, there were just a lot to choose from.

So how do you choose? These are what we've picked.

Kahlua Walnut Pie @ 130 pesos
The walnut and the chocolate combination was playing trick in my tongue. It was a good combination. Bite after bite, the taste got intense. I was just overloaded with happiness. I love dark chocolate!

Brownie Cheesecake @ 55 pesos
Don't be deceived by its look. This tasted better. Its denser, moist and chocolatier! The way I want my brownies. Love em.

Belgian Dark Chocolate Lace Cookie @ 150 pesos for a pack of 8
Need I say more? If you have noticed, how many times I've mentioned the word happy in this post and some happy related gestures. These are happy food. In fact I grabbed some cookies to-go. May everyday be like this! Cheers to choosing to be happy this year! So what't your name new crush?! #office_flirt


  1. Murag lami na ang lace cookies. First tasted these lace cookies from Don Mertos. I don't know if naa pa sila'y lace cookies karon. Haven't had it for maybe three years na...

    Mahal sad diay sa Country Basket noh?