Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

While in Subic my family booked for Kamana Sactuary.  Its far from the activity centers but if you want a quiet place, then this hotel/resort is a good option.

The Main Entrance

The Lobby/Guest Waiting Lounge

My Room: 1st building, 2nd floor, 3rd window from the left

The Room and those those fluffy pillows

Neat Toilet
The view from my room

Good morning Subic, its time for breakfast

The Restaurant

It came with a breakfast buffet. Fewer options but they were all good

pork and beans

chicken adobo

turkish sausage

fish sticks

fried rice

mixed fruits

the view while eating
while waiting for our next activity

The pool side

enjoying the pool

or sit down, meditate or enjoy the view of the sunset
In one of the sunsets, I saw a giant red sun.  It was beautiful but it felt different. I was between mesmerized and scared looking at it.  Like it was a symbol of war or something.

A bit pricey but it was all good.  Thanks to my brother's family for the treat!

It's always a sweet life!

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