Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Catching Up At Pizzeria Michelangelo

Meet my high school clique. We call ourselves the Elite. We were the cream of the crop growing up in a small community high school. Just like any regular teen groups we had our dramas. We are big dreamers! We are diverse in our skills, the actress, the beauty queen, the artist, the bully, the singer, the book worm, the fashionista and I'm the geek.

@ Starbucks during a friend's visit from Australia

Despite the time and distance we remained friends. We keep in touch and get dorkie!
2011 - Christmas Gathering @ my place

We learned our lesson the hard way.  A few years back, a friend asked "How come we only see each other during weddings and funerals? Hope we can meet regularly." We were busy then with our work and personal lives.  We couldn't agree with a date.  To our surprise, she died.

Yes her request was granted during her wake. Yes it's too late.  From then on we had a mutual agreement to meet at least every Christmas. No dared to ask the same question.
2012 Christmas gathering @ Macaron Tango Cafe

These are the best people.  They surprised me with balloons and cake on my 2012 birthday.
March 2013 - my surprise birthday dinner @ Shakey's
Cafe Sarree closed early that day for their staff Christmas party.  The new Lantaw restaurant in SRP did not accept my reservation as they were fully booked.  Gladly I got a confirmation from Pizzeria Michelangelo an Italian Restaurant located in Escario Central.
2013 Christmas Gathering @  Pizzeria Michelangelo

I've read good reviews about their pizza. "I heard their pizza is masarap" quoting a tag line from Children's Hour Ayala Cinema Ad.

The place is neat accented with these paintings.

And all the reviews are true.  Their pizza tastes good.  I like that there were more mozzarella!

and more mozzarella in their calzone.

The pasta is equally good too!

It was one fun night of catching up!

To the groupies out there, always find time to nurture your friendship!


  1. Try their truffle pasta next time :)

    1. i should have asked you before I went there.. i forgot.