Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Home Cooked Meals At Lola Eats

It's difficult to stay glamorous especially at this time of the calendar month when we need to stretch the remaining bills from our wallet. haha!

We call this period "tingbits". It is during this time we learn the value of our remaining cash or else we'll end up biting finger nails until payday! Thus the joke "koko krunch" which took me sometime to understand it. Yeah I can be clueless sometimes and my hair color really gets to the roots when said to my friend with a wrinkled forehead "but koko krunch is expensive and it's not like everyone's common breakfast." Koko means fingernails and that's when light bulb blinked! aaahhh.

So where can we take our 100 peso bill for brunch after working so hard late night? Jollibee is not an option please. We wanted real home cooked food.

Just a walking distance from Cebu Provincial Capitol, you'll see Lola Eats. It's an upscale carenderia.

The place and the service is like of a diner but the price of an eatery.

So these are what we've got:

grilled pork chop
kaldereta and humba (goat and pork stew)

squid adobo
crab meat

salad (langka and guso)

and a liter of iced cold Coke to complete a typical Pinoy dinner. A group of four, our 400 pesos took us a sumptuous real pinoy meal.

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