Monday, January 13, 2014

The Adventure in Subic Part III: Ocean Adventure

On our second day, we went to Ocean Adventure.

Here's the ticket prices.
Then we were given an itinerary

Too bad we missed the first show. We arrived late and the second show was about to start. A guide direct us to the stadium where the Balancing Act with the African Acrobats was.

Reminds me of high school cheer dance. How I wish! We never had that flexibility and endurance. Besides that was long time ago, a simple triangle stunt could make you win already. hahaha.

Since the next show wont be an hour after yet, so we took our lunch. The cafeteria serves good food yet a bit pricey ranges from 150 to 250 -ish.

Next on our schedule was the Sea Lion Show.

I enjoyed it very much. It was entertaining and funny.

There was this guy (a volunteer-as if! I think it was staged.) challenged the sea lion. He acted what the sea lion does and end up dripping wet as he plunged to the pool like it was an accident sort of. Very funny actually!

And she agreed for a kiss. The sea lion got a fish as a price for every act done well.

The next stop was the dolphin show.    

They are the cutest.

I like the part were the trainer got push up in the air and together they made a single back flip.

I wanted to swim with them and take a photo but it costs me a leg. We spent more than enough already so we let it go.  So instead, we visited the aquarium after we got our souvenirs.

I always like seawater aquarium. they are very colorful. Guess what caught my eye?

Nemo! hehe such a child like.


  1. "There was this guy (a volunteer-as if! I think it was staged.)..." <--- you're right! It was staged :)