Friday, January 17, 2014

The Happy Camper At Mongolian

Hooray for today!

It's a pretty good week.  Everyone is excited for the street party.  It's a bit gloomy and cold winds fill the atmosphere.  I'm not complaining, on contrary, I find it --- a good fair weather, at least it's not humid. Some rain showers but I hope it will remain as some. Looking at the gray sky, I can see cats-and-dogs coming.

Today seems light at work.  Fridays can sometimes be stressful.  The cliche, TGIF, may not be applicable to us at times. No crazy meetings means no crazy people. There are things which are beyond my control and the best way to deal with them is to let it go.

So yeah there's a reason to celebrate.  There's fun in eating ice cream and french fries while driving.. turn on the radio and sing along. Happy light moments.

Today, instead of taking the same drive thru at McD's, I suggested Mongolian stir fry, making an ordinary day --- a better one.

It's been a while since my last visit to Kublai Khan.  I'm not sure if we still have it here in Cebu. The concept is the same here at Shopwise.

Get a bowl. Put some rice and/or noddles. (I got both) Add veggies of your choice (I picked bean sprout, carrots, cabbage). Some chopped spices to flavor (bell pepper, garlic and sweet onions)

And the sauce.  This is where it becomes tricky. The wrong combination might make your stir fry taste a little way off Mongolian taste. If you don't know how, she'll take care of it.  I instructed her, sweet and spicy for my bowl.

My toppings are tofu, chicken, shrimp and squid rings. With her rescue, this is what she has come up. Very friendly lady, she answers some of our curiosity/questions. She makes a tasty meal out from my poor selection. haha

Well, as an end-er, what else, ice cream. While digging through my bowl, I saw my best friend doing his grocery and it's kind of him to buy me a pint of this creamy delectable delight!

Happy Birthday to him and he bought me an ice cream! hahaha Driving and ice cream and radio, yes I'm a happy camper!

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